Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 30, 2014

"Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it."-Michael Jordan

                                         What inspires you to push yourself? 
                                         What are you most proud of since you found crossfit?
                                         Where do you see yourself in 6 months? 1 year?

Monday, July 28, 2014

July 29, 2014: Through The Years

     Through the years I have looked at doing every wod rx'd as a badge of honor. I still get upset at myself if I have to modify for any number of reasons, but as I get older I am beginning to realize how completely stupid that is. The conjugate method requires a lot of heavy lifting but heavy is all relative. What is heavy to me may not be heavy to the guy next to me in class. CrossFit is amazing because we all can do the same workouts and get the same results whether we go rx or modify. There is never a reason to be intimidated by any workout. Sometimes modifying a workout to suit your personal need is not only necessary but smart. We are involved in this amazing sport of fitness for the long haul. If your injured, or moving too slow because the weight is too heavy you are not getting the desired result of certain wod, and you are not getting the metabolic effects and far worse you may be risking injury.
     There are not may Rich Fronings in this world including myself and we all need to take a hard look within sometimes to realize what is best for each of us. It should never be about who lifted the most weight in the class, it should be about each of us getting better, stronger, faster, and fitter for the rest of our lives. It is for this reason that I will begin posting options on the board to take out the guessing games. You should feel just as proud if you do a wod with a modification because your still moving, and getting in a great workout for YOU. Be proud of yourselves.
     Not everybody has a desire to compete. That is awesome too. If you can't do a proper air squat you probably have no business doing squat with resistance bands or chains. The y are excellent tools that will come in time. Get proficient with where you are at! Next week we will start posting wods like this…. If you are a competitor you will most likely do the SPORT version, and if you aren't you will do the LIFE version. Here is a example of what I mean:
Sport:                                    Life:
12 min. AMRAP                  12 min AMRAP
5 HSPU                                3 wall walks
10 American Swings            10 russian swings
15 Pistols                               15 air squats

As you can see there are similarities between the two. Hopefully this takes away any hesitation about ant particular wod. Pick and choose!!!! Mix and match!!!! If you can go sport by all means for that day go Sport. If you can't no worries go with Life that day. As always keep training hard and see you at the box

Friday, July 18, 2014

July 19, 2014

Saturday Free Community Wod 9 am: Bring a friend

Teams of 2
200 double under
50 front rack box step ups @ 95/65
50 deficit push-ups
50 shoulder 2 overhead @95/65
50 pullup + toes 2 bar complex
2 rounds

After class from 10 -11 we will be playing around with the jerk boxes for anyone interested

Announcements: This Sunday @ 9 am we will be hosting the second installment of the Alex Bookout training camp. This is open to all of our athletes and will be informative and challenging. If you want to take your training to another level this is a can't miss camp. Alex is a top athlete in the Central East Region. We will be working out for a few hours.

Mark your calendars for next Friday July the 25th for the 2 year anniversary party to be held at the Hartzell Ostrich Farm on 185. There will be food, music, games, and shenanigans. Bring your drinks of choice and a side dish to share. There will only be one afternoon class on the 25th at 3:30. Bring your family and friends.

August 9th numerous NMCF athletes will be competing at the Tri-State Throwdown in Centerville. Show your No Mercy pride and either form a team and play or travel down and support your friends. Should be a good time. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


     Last week we had the privelage of getting to vacation in Florida, and got to visit a couple great boxes along the way. Training is important but sharpening yourself mentally and recharging may be just as important. I was able to reflect on No Mercy and the direction it has taken over the past two years. This August marks our 2 year anniversary and what a ride it has been. I can't help but be amazed at how blessed we are to be able to share our passion and love for CrossFit with the Piqua, and surrounding community. The friendships we have made that will last a lifetime, the improved fitness that our members have gained, and for most a change in lifestyle for the better. The pursuit of virtuosity is contagious. The common goals we strive for are something remarkable that nobody can take away from us. We are indeed lucky people.
     I was just thinking today about how far we have come as a whole especially over the past few months. For myself personally My love of training and coaching has been renewed, and it is because of you athletes. This years open was a low point for me personally in my CrossFit journey. I felt as if NMCF was experiencing our first growing pains. In our quest to transform our members into fire breathers I put our strength program on the back burner a little bit. We weren't where we needed to be! There was a lot of tension in the air during the open and that is not cross fit. A good friend and fellow NMCF trainer pulled me aside and reminded me that we needed to focus on strength and he found the Conjugate program. So thank you Jason for helping me to see that I needed to check my ego and take a look at what the best in the world were doing. I honestly feel like it is the single best decision that I have made since starting CrossFit. There is something special about what's going on down there in Blue Ash, OH. The black cloud has been lifted and we are having fun again.
     Today I want to thank our athletes for your dedication and perseverance. I want to thank our trainers that do what they do because they love seeing you excel perhaps more so than themselves. Today I am absolutely amazed at what has been happening at the box. I get to witness people squat as much as 500 pounds and continue to pr everyday. I see brand new athletes that a few months ago barely able to do scaled weights do more that rx. Women are now lifting rx guy weights. Housewives that couldn't climb up a rope 3 ft. are doing them legless. People are coming in 3x a day to hit all the auxiliary lifts. We are seeing athletes that could barely finish an 800 meter run are signing up for half marathons. Personally I have seen my bench press approach 300 pounds for the first time ever, and every sing squat has been pr'ed in the past 3 months.
     I am stoked that we have been able to add numerous new members and also a brand new trainer in Mr. Dustin Brown. He will be a great addition to our staff. It has been awesome getting coaching advice for gymnast Sean Lind, powerlifting help from great friends Bethany and Cody from Conjugate, and all around advice from a great guy in Alex Bookout. So as we hit our 2 yr anniversary No Mercy is no longer just surviving but we are thriving. This September Holly will get to test herself against some of the best Crossfitters in the world in Minnesota at the Granite Games. For the first time ever I think she is excited to compete individually and represent No Mercy. She continues to work extra hard and focus on weakness and she is ready to battle. Exciting times await all our NMCF athletes this year and I can't be more proud.
     Please join us at the Ostrich Farm to celebrate our 2 year anniversary as a gym and as a family July 25th. It should be a ton of fun. Bring your family and friends and share how great CrossFit is. Thanks you all for two amazing years.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 2, 2104: Athlete of the month

     The athlete of the month doesn't have to be tops on the leader board everyday. The winner doesn't have to be loud and obnoxious to get noticed. Quiet strength and perseverance describes the July winner. This lady has been with us since nearly the beginning. She is dedicated to improving herself and that she has done. It wasn't until recently that I noticed how funny this athlete is. She never questions why she is made to do anything she just puts her head down and goes to work. It is hard to believe this hard worker has yet to be rewarded for all her har work but we couldn't be happier with whom trainer Angi Jones has chosen……….    
 "For the month of July's Athlete of the Month I have chosen Marcie Anderson.  When I was thinking over some of the great members of NM, Marcie came to mind...and immediately following that was the word COMMITMENT.  She is one of the early members & is still someone you see on a regular basis which is awesome to see. She has a passion for crossfit that even spills out into her job as a teacher - she loves to share it with her students. At first you might think she is quiet, but Marcie has a hilarious sense of humor,, always making people laugh and she is a great motivator when you are working out with her.  She has reaped the CF benefits as she has lost weight AND continues to get stronger along the way. Thanks for your passion and commitment Marcie - we are proud to have you at NM :)"
     Job well done Marcie. Choose something from Rogue or cross fit.com and we will gladly pick up the tab. Keep up the great work!

Announcements: We will only be holding one class this Friday July the 4th at 9am. Bring your family and friends and lets have a great time. Enjoy your Holiday

This Sunday I will be putting together a training camp from 10-12:30 for Holly and Megan Thompson from Heights  it is open to anyone and will be challenging. Stop in and throw down

Monday, June 30, 2014

July 1, 2014: Results are in: Minnesota Bound

    Announcements: Huge Congrats goes out to No Mercy Crossfit owner/trainer Holly Mikolajewski for securing your spot to the 2014 Granite Games Powered by Progenex from Sept 12-14 in St. Cloud Minnesota. After 7 workouts Holly beat out over 1200 women to finish 13th in the world on the online qualifier and finishing 45th overall in the Individual sectionals worldwide for the opportunity to compete. This years prize pool is $78,000 on the line. Now the real training begins. Join me in congratulating Holly on a job well done. Your work ethic is an inspiration to many. Good luck in September!

      I will be putting on training camps on most Sundays from 10:00-12:00 to get Holly ready for the games. Hopefully most of you can make it in and help her prepare. No matter what skill level you are at you all can play a pivotal role in helping her get ready for the biggest stage she has competed on to date. 

Stay tuned to tomorrow's blog to find out who the July NMCF Athlete of the Month is……...

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Monday June 30, 2014

     Sometimes you just have to throw a wrench into the system to initiate change be it good or bad. For me that wrench is a competition. We tend to get into a training mode where we go through the motions. Training is great and should be viewed as such, but it is hard to mimic the pace and intensity of a competition. You exert yourself in a way that your not accustomed to, you moving loads your possibly not use to, and you sometimes need that rabbit to chase. The best thing that can happen at a comp is that you get humbled a little or you get certain weaknesses exposed and you learn from it. You don't crawl in a hole and cry and dream about what could be…..you come back with a new found passion and attack training time! You put your body under new stressors that you know you need to do to improve. Competition can teach you how to turn those weaknesses into strengths. If we could apply that same philosophy to everyday life and perform everything we do at competition speed how great can we be?
     This past weekend a few athletes traveled to Bellefontaine to participate in the mad River CrossFit Summer Throwdown and I can say wholeheartedly that each of us learned something. I can't say how proud I am of Zach Willis for doing his first ever competition, and finished 4th overall in his division.  Not sure if he knew what he was in for but he didn't get rattled, and I think more than exceeded his own expectation and ours. He seen what it takes to have to tip toe over that red line and keep pushing. John Sloan and Alaine partnered up and worked well as a unit, and finished 10th overall. We were very proud of you guys as well. They both move heavy weight well, and they know that their gymnastics skills are where they can improve. Holly and I partnered up for the first time ever and shockingly enough we didn't kill each other and actually pulled out a second place finish. I got to see why she is one of the top women in the region. I am not sure if anyone in crossfit at the age of 37 has the type of motor that she has, and the ability to move a shit ton of weight for long periods of time. I just did my best to keep up. It was a great experience that we both learned from. Holly knows that in order to be great and not just good she has to learn how to move more efficiently and technically sound on her overhead lifts and get better at dips and muscle ups. If I ever want to be on the level that I want to compete at I have to get stronger at all major lifts, rest less, and master higher level gymnasts skills. I am only saying this stuff because it is important to note that even though we have done cross fit for quite a long time you never stop learning.
     That brings me to a good point…in the search to learn new skill Holly and I traveled to Crossfit Conjugate today to attend a gymnastics seminar by Sean Lind. He is quite the gymnast and also on HQ gymnastics cert staff. We can't wait to share with our NMCF members all the new tricks and progressions we learned. We hope you enjoy and increase your skill level. It is amazing how much body awareness and flexibility it takes to be good at gymnastic skills and translate to everyday movement patterns.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Please join me in welcoming Dustin Brown to the No Mercy training staff. He brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to our gym so please make him feel welcome as he is inserted into the class schedule. We are proud to have you Dustin!

The week of July 7-13 Holly and I will be on vacation so you may see some new faces training classes. Please make them feel welcome and give them your undivided attention.

Please make sure you are logging all your wods in particular your MAX EFFORT lifts so as you are using the correct percentages on dynamic days. If you would like to place an order for a planner to keep track see Joe at the gym.

We are now offering a new healthier alternative for an energy drink at the gym. O2 will be sold for 3.00 per can. Try it out, and let us know what you think.

Starting this July Central East Individual Regional competitor Alex Bookout will start making appearances at No Mercy if you have any desire to learn how to move well and ultra fast or be a competitor I urge you to pick his brain and he will be glad to help in any way he can. We want to put No Mercy on the map and the best way we can do that is surround ourself with cool people that know how to perform at the highest level. Take advantage!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets have a kick ass week of training and keep the pr's coming!!!!!!!!!