Sunday, May 31, 2015

June 2015 NMCF Athlete Of The Month

JUNE 2015

     Few  people have the rare combination of raw physical talent, work ethic, and heart. No Mercy CrossFit has the pleasure to train a guy that possesses all of these attributes and more. I have had the pleasure of knowing our newest athlete of the month since I was 5 years old. I got to witness this guy compete up close and personal through speed skating. We competed against each other and became fast friends. This guy has always had something special inside him that most people don't have. That burning desire to be something special, to outwork the man standing next to him and perform just a little bit better. Failure is not an option for this guy. He has competed in virtually every sport imaginable and excelled at all of them. He has won golden gloves boxing matches and holds a blackbelt in brazilian jiujitsu. When I needed somebody I could count on at work I knew where to turn. He shows up everyday early and puts his head down and goes to work. It is often said that we learn our most valuable lessons when we get knocked down…..and this guy has been knocked down time after time and always gets back up, brushes himself off and reinvents himself. Don't let the rough exterior fool you….he has a heart of gold. I knew that he would be a tremendous asset to the No Mercy Community. He trains hard, encourages others and is always the first one to volunteer to help. He just loves being a part of something great. On June 13th he will make his competitive debut at Practice CrossFit's battle of the Ages, and I am fortunate enough to get to partner up with him. This guy has BIG aspirations and I have know doubt that when he puts his mind to it there is nothing that will prevent him from reaching his goals.
     No Mercy Trainer Jason Moore has chosen Rocky Bowman to be our newest award winner, and this is what Jason had to say………..
" As I see a lot people work hard every day but over the last few months there has been one person who has just amazed me every day I see them workout. When he first started you could just see the fire in his eyes. He wanted to learn and soak up any knowledge you could feed him. Once you show him a movement you can bet that you will see him off to the side working on it over and over. He might not be the biggest guy in the gym but I would argue has one of the biggest hearts. This burning desire to succeed and win is going to take him far. Joe has said this athlete will make a run at the masters games next year and I truly believe this will be the case. I am happy to choose Rocky as this months athlete of the month. Thanks for the energy and hardwork you bring to the gym and keep busting you ass bro. 
     For all your efforts choose something from Rogue and we will pick up the bill. Congrats Rock!



Friday, May 1, 2015

May Athlete of The Month

     Quite a few months ago a gentlemen with a few miles on his legs walked into our doors and told me he was looking for a change. He had never done CrossFit before but was ready to go. Within minutes I put him through a short 8 min. AMRAP and the rest is history. That guy is not the same person who wods nearly everyday with us now. He has grown as an athlete, and made great strides to be healthy. He is always willing to help out at the gym and doesn't hesitate to jump into competitions, or even volunteer to build new storage space for the new box. This guy has taught me a lot since joining that he probaly wasn't aware of. He showed me that CrossFit is for everybody. It doesn't always have to be competition based but the heart of the community is about people that simply want to be stronger today than the were yesterday, and that in itself is CrossFit. No Mercy Trainer Dustin "D-Lo" Brown had the honor of choosing Mr. Scott Cromes as the May Athlete of the Month.

"As I learn more and more about the No Mercy Athletes, I am amazed as there are so many of you that deserve the title, “Athlete of the Month”. Everyone cheering each other on to get better, push harder and to get stronger… Whether you are the first one done or the last one done, we are there for one another. There is one athlete that has stood out these past several months with his hard work, dedication, drive and consistency.  He shows up 10min before class, groggy but energetic, ready to learn and get better than the day before. He has lost weight, inches, PR’d several movements (Back Squats, Front Squats, Dead Lifts…), is hanging with other athletes 15-20yrs younger than him, and looks for more when he leave. He does all this before most people are waking up. Scott Cromes in my choice for the Athlete of the Month. He has been consistently been coming to the 5:30am class and is kicking ass!!! The next time you see Scott, congratulate him on his progress. Congrats Scott, Keep up the good work!!!!"

     For all of your efforts and for inspiring many without even knowing it please choose something from and we will pick up the tab. Job well done Scott

Monday, April 20, 2015

Festivus Games Scoring

Each athlete received a point for their respective place in each wod. If you made the finals point values doubled because of the less amount of athletes and we as a staff felt that the finals should be worth more points. Given the circumstances we feel this was a fair system and was the best we could come up with on the fly. We enjoyed having each and everyone of you andhoe you had a great competition. job well done to all competing athletes.
FEstivus Games Scoring

Division: Male Novice

Athlete                    Wod 1:Row            Wod 2: A.)Front Sq         Wod 2 B.) PC/Bur   Wod3   A.) 5/15  3B) DU      Final     Total

Chris Williams                  1                                     1                             2                                     1                         1                2         7

Tom Martin                      2                                     2                             1                                     2                         2                6         12

Mark Gunzelman            3                                     2 Tie                      3                                     3                          2tie            4        15


Division: Female Novice

Madi Smith                     2                                      4                              1                                  1                           10             2         19

Lori Kleinfelder              5                                      3                              2                                  1 tie                        4            8         23

Kara Peterson                4                                      9                              4                                   1tie                       3             4          25

Melissa Greier              9                                       2                             5                                    1tie                       6            6            29

Jennifer Lenz                7                                       7                              3                                   5                            2             10         34

Kelly Leff                      3                                         1                             5                                    8                           9

Becky Roberts              8                                       7tie                         7                                   5                           4

Nikki Garafalo              6                                       5                              10                                  7                         7

Megan Steed               1                                        11                            8                                   11                        12

Jenn Thurman             10                                      6                              9                                    9                          13

Megan Newman         12                                       10                          13                                  12                        1

Teresa Gunzelman      11                                      13                          12                                   10                       8

Ashlee Hall                     13                                     12                         10                                    13                       10


Division: Male Intermediate

Kyle Bryant                     6                                      2                           1                                       3                        5                    4         21

Bradford West              1                                       4                           4                                       8                       3                     2         22

Eric Howard                   2                                       7                           2                                      2                        2                     10      25

Josh Baker                      5                                      3                           3                                       6                        6                    6          29

Logan Conkey                4                                     5                            6                                      3                         1                   12         31

Wes Koehler                  3                                    1                              10                                    1                        7                    6tie      28

Josh Lang                       8                                     9                               4                                     5                        4          

Scott Morris                7                                       6                               7                                     7                         9

Kenneth Wigley       9                                   7                                  9                                 10                        10

Brad Jordan              10                                 10                                8                                  9                          8


Division: Female Intermediate

Misty Gibson            1                                   1                                 1                                      2                       4                  2          11

Elly Cohert                3                                   2                                 2                                      1                       1                  8           17

Ashlee Harrod         4                                  3                                   4                                     3                        2                 4            20
Erin VonDereau      2                                  4                                   3                                      4                       3                  6          

Sunday, April 19, 2015

"It's All In The Numbers"


 Sometimes it is good to take a step back and take in a competition without participating. It gives insight as to where we are as a gym, and to where we need to go to get better. We believe in CrossFit and it's methodology, and we started No Mercy CrossFit because we truly believe that it is the best fitness program on Earth. The so called experts say CrossFit is for everybody, and to a certain extent I believe the same. CrossFit is absolutely modifiable and scalable to fit everybody's needs. You will increase your level of fitness if you simply go through the motions and do the programmed wods we do everyday to the best of your ability. This is what 90% of CrossFit is about. Your everyday athletes that want to have a better quality of life and maybe look better in a bathing suit. That is great and that is what we built our business for. We commend these athletes and look forward to seeing them progress as athletes, and as people. We pride ourselves on what we accomplish with the "EVERYDAY" athletes. Twenty years from now nobody will remember who won the CrossFit Games in 2015, but they damn sure will remember when a trainer touched their lives and sparked something inside of them to improve their confidence and overall well being. That is NO MERCY  and that gives our staff a tremendous sense of pride. However today this blog is not for the 90% of us……it is for the 10% of us that want just a little more. The people that train for one reason only. The people that live and breathe to  WIN! Competition fuels their every move, and the desire to be a little bit better than the man next to them consumes a big portion of their life The 10%ers.
     I relate most of what I say to my own life because it is what I know best. I am at best an average athlete but one thing that consumed me growing up was wanting to be the best and nobody put this pressure on me but myself. I wanted to be on top of the podium, and it has never left me. Sometimes I think that it is time to slow it down and just enjoy the process as I advance in age. F that! I honestly believe up until the last month I started falling into that trap and allowed myself to settle for complacency. If that is unacceptable to yo this blog is for you. 
     Yesterday I had numerous conversation with people outside our gym that every single one of our competitors push hard and compete so well. What a sense of pride. A few of our athletes were disappointed and down for not living up to their own expectations. Perfect!!!!!! Thats what I want from a 10%er. What did I take away from all of our winners that represented our box to a man or woman they all put in extra work. Whether it being extra miles on the road, or 5:30 am extra wods, or Sunday strength work every single athlete that won put in extra work. That's the 10% it takes.  Games athletes are special they are genetic freaks that put in the enormous amount of time to get to that level. That isn't what most people are capable or willing to do but we damn sure can give that extra 10% it takes to compete if that is your goal or passion. I seen it in the eyes of a few No Mercy Athletes that competed yesterday. I see it everyday in a select few that want more than just being healthy.  If this is you embrace it and give that extra 10%. No matter where you fall on the spectrum Holly and I are proud of you and so is our training staff. People are taking notice of No Mercy's athletes whether you know it or not. I am filled with pride after yesterday's event. When we started this dream 3 years ago I never expected this to transpire so quickly. 
     I encourage each and everyone of you to strive to be a part of the 10% group in everything you do in life. Whether it is your job, your family, CrossFit, or any hobby you have. Rest assured the No Mercy Staff is here to guide you in that direction. -Joey Franchise

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April 1, 2015 No Mercy Athlete of The Month

No Mercy CrossFit Athlete of the Month
-by Joey Franchise

     You can learn a lot about a person and what they are made of at the end of a super long met con. Do they challenge themselves to finish a round or add a few extra reps or quit early because they believe they can't complete the round or just go through the motions. Anything worth having requires that extra little bit of effort, and that "Hell yes it matters" attitude. April's athlete of the month has just that, and it makes our job as coaches all the more rewarding. This month No Mercy owner Holly Mikolajewski has chosen someone she has been raving about for the past month or so……..Amy Meyer!
     This is what Holly had to say………"Amy Meyer has made drastic changes in a short period of time. I can remember her first day and she made it a point to tell me "I can't squat past parallel, and I struggle with this and that." To see Amy today you would never think that any of those excuses ever existed. Nearly every day Amy is setting pr after pr on max effort lifts, and really listens to cues given and puts them to use.
     Amy has set a goal for herself to be more consistent at getting to the box, and she has more than done that. She rarely misses class these days. She may not realize it, but she really does motivate others with a quiet confidence and drive to add a little more weight, or the polite gesture to tell one of her peers "You got this!" I am not sure Amy knew she was competitive, but I am so proud of what she has accomplished since arriving at No Mercy. She just completed her first Open experience, and it was fun to watch her encourage others to sign up for something so unknown.
     The future is bright for Amy Meyer, and we are so grateful that she is a part of our No Mercy Family." #AMYSTRONG! For your efforts please choose something you like from Rogue and we will pick up the bill. Congrats!!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015


-by Joey Franchise

     It wasn't that long ago that a young man walked through our doors that I was instantly impressed with. Full of enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn. He explained that he just moved into the area and was relatively new to CrossFit. Without even knowing anything about me he addressed me as sir as he does everyone now. He didn't have to tell me that he was in the military I could just tell with his respectfulness and polite demeanor. The very next day he was back to workout, and hasn't looked back. I have chosen Josh Lang as the No Mercy athlete of the Month.
     Some people just get it……they show up every day, hard hat on and lunch pail in hand. They don't question anything and are just glad to have the ability to workout. That is Josh Lang in a nutshell. This guy may never be a games athlete, but it won't be for a lack of effort. Josh regularly hits the gym 2x a day, and stays to encourage all his peers. He jumped right into the community aspect of the box, and always strives to learn. This guy has come so far in a short period of time. His lift numbers are spiking by the day, and he never hesitates to get into a competition, or a 5k, or drive to competitions just to watch his fellow NMCF athletes compete. Josh Lang is the type of person that you build you box around. The consumate athlete that is coachable and relishes in small victories.
     Lang does all this while serving in the Army. I have a tremendous amount of respect for all of our armed forces. They give of themselves so that we can enjoy our freedoms such as working out. We all should be referring to Lang as 'Sir'. With that being said thank you for your service Lang, and thank you for allowing the No Mercy Staff to train you.  We look forward to watching you grow in your CrossFit journey. Congrats Sir! Choose something from Rogue or to wear and we will pick up the tab. Keep up the great work!!!


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 24, 2015: Open Season

"The Open in My Eyes"-By Joey Franchise

     The 2015 version of the worldwide CrossFit Open will be here in the blink of an eye (2 days to be exact), and for me the open season is always bittersweet. Thousands of us wait in anticipation for the wod to be released gathering by our computers with high hopes. A small part of me still has the crazy thoughts of competing on the big stage even in my advanced years only to have my dreams crushed one minute into wod 1. That may be the beauty of it all it still makes dreamers out of all of us.
     The open brings us together as a community and inevitably we will all do things that we didn't think were possible. We laugh, we conquer, we fail, cry, bleed, and scream but we do it together as a family. How many other sports can we say that about. Every year I watch as somebody completes  their first pull up, or first double under, or first toe 2 bar during the open. They may only get 1 as rx , but they did it just the same. They may spend 17 minutes to get one, but always leave satisfied. As a coach that is just as impressive as the person who crushes the wod.
     The open is about "YOU"! Being the best version of yourself that day that you can be. I encourage each of you to come into the open with no expectations for yourself other than to give 100% effort. Some of you have trained all year to see where you stack up against your peers, some of you have only trained for a few weeks or even a few days, and it doesn't matter we all do it together. Rookies, firebreathers, couch potatoes, and grandmothers get to do 5 weeks of workouts side by side for the common goal of trying to be better today than yesterday.
     This years open is special for me in the fact that this is the first year that I feel No Mercy is in a good drama, no negativity, just a bunch of solid people that want to see each other succeed. We as a whole are far stronger than last year since adopting the Conjugate Method strength program and people have really embraced the strength aspect of crossfit. Big things are on the horizon in the near future at No Mercy and it is great to see the numbers increasing by the day. I am excited to see how some of our stable of high school athletes will fare in the teen division. Their dedication is refreshing. We have a few masters athletes that can contend for a spot, and a few bad ass athletes that could do very well if the cards fall in their favor. Needless to say I am confident that no matter where we stack up every single No Mercy athlete is ALL IN and wont settle for not giving everything they have.
     For myself the open is a mess of emotions. It saddens me to think that my biggest supporter never got to see me compete in crossfit (my father), he would love this stuff without a doubt. I know in my heart that I am not ever going to make the CrossFit Games and that should be the farthest thing from my mind. The open is about You right? For me it is, and always has been about being the best. It is a real personal struggle that I pray nobody has to deal with. These personal demons are doing jumping jacks in my head.....Did I train hard enough, what if I did 3x a day wods, what  if I could gain 15 lbs of muscle? The list is never ending. I will try to enjoy this process. The real goal is next year....The Masters games. This year is fun and about supporting all of our amazing athletes. Holly and I are proud of each and every one of you guys.Your effort over the past year is outstanding and you are ready. I want to also wish a few other people the best of luck that we have had the privelage to train with, and consider them just extensions of the No Mercy Family. Alex Bookout from CrossFit Conjugate. Alex has devoted a lot of time helping our athletes and is just one of the nicest guys in the world. He aims to return to the regionals for the 2nd time. He has worked his ass off and deserves it.Good luck Bookout. Also good luck to Megan Thompson from CrossFit Heights. She has been a real pleasure to work with, and if she doesn't qualify it won't be for a lack of effort. She trains her ass off to get better everyday. So from the staff of No Mercy CrossFit we wish you all luck and a fun filled open season.

DOORS WILL OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT AT 5:00 AND STANDARDS WILL BE PRESENTED AT 5:30. HEAT 1 WILL KICK OFF AS CLOSE TO 5:45 AS POSSIBLE. Remember we will have food afterwards. Bring a side dish to share!!!