Thursday, August 21, 2014

Friday August 22, 2014: Spotlight member


Joel McDaniel


Hobbies: Working out

What do you like about crossfit: The change of pace from the normal gym routine

Why No Mercy? (in typical Joel sarcasm) Because Scotty Bryant is a major heartthrob

Favorite lift? Power Clean

Least favorite? Pistols/double unders

Favorite Benchmark? Fran

What are you most proud of since starting at No Mercy? Clean and jerk of 315

Goals? Improve on every single lift/ event at all time domains

5 items you would bring with you if staranded on a deserted island? Landree, Dilynn, Hefeweizen, one of my dogs named Pudge, Frisbee, and I guess my wife

Roadtrip destination and with who? Hofbrauhaus with whoever could handle the night!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

August 18, 2014

"The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. For every challenge encountered there is opportunity for growth."-Unknown

No mercy athletes:
Holly and I made a trip to Rogue yesterday and purchased more resistance bands to use on dynamic effort days. Please try to keep them in pairs and take special care to put them on the outside of bars during lifts so that they don't get tears from the rack. Also we got six new sets of collars. If you have less that 95 lbs on the bar try not to drop weight from overhead.

Making gains in the conjugate system is very dependent on performing the accessory lifts. The data is showing that you will most likely pr the majority of your lifts no matter what however the biggest pr's to date are being made by those that perform the accessory lifts regularly. The accessory lifts are key to developing lagging muscles that will boost all your lifts when they are incorporated. So by all means hit these lifts as frequently as possible.

This Saturday August 23, 2014 several No Mercy athletes are either competing or volunteering at the Ranch event put on by Practice CrossFit. It will take place at Hobart Arena, and Troy football stadium. All proceeds benefit CrossFit for Hope. Stop in and check it out. It is free to the public. First event kicks off at 8:00.

Be on the lookout in the upcoming week for new No Mercy designs that will be on Fall clothing. We will be getting thermals, sweat shirts, sweat pants, tanks, t's, Everything will be preorder and very little stock will be held so don't miss out we will be posting a sign up sheet for a week or so.

Lets have an amazing week of training!

Monday, August 11, 2014

August 12, 2014: Spotlight Member

No Mercy CrossFit Spotlight Member:
Misty Gibson- 
age 25 Hobbies: reading, running, drinking good beer lol
Favorite thing about crossfit: how challenging it is
What do I enjoy about No Mercy: The people. Everyone is so supportive, encouraging you along the way.
Favorite training movement: anything with bench
Least Favorite: snatches
Favorite Benchmark: Murph
What I am most proud of since starting at No Mercy: Box squatting over 200. Never imagined I'd be apart of the 200 club.
How long have I been training: 4 months
Goals: Bar ups, muscle ups, consistent double unders and hitting big PR's within the next 6 months.
Program a wod: 400 meter run, 25 wall balls, 25 box jumps, 25 burpees... 4 rounds for time
5 items I would take with me on a stranded island: picture of my family, toothbrush, beer, chocolate, and running shoes
Love or money: love for sure
Road trip: I would take a road trip to Destin, Florida with my husband, our kids, my parents and my sister.
Favorite wod song: Turn Down for What

Misty is making quite a name for herself as a competitor this early in her cross fit career . Can't wait to see what lies ahead for this gifted athlete. we are glad to have you at NMCF.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

August 11,2014

     Yesterday was another chance to compete. Another chance to celebrate all the hours spent training. Competition is CrossFit's gift to each of us. It provides that outlet that many of us need, and feed off of. After thinking about yesterday's throw down at Centerville CrossFit and how well each of our athletes did I realized that CrossFit is so much more than barbells and rings and burpees. CrossFit transcends generations, it allows people from all over the spectrum to come together in the common pursuit of fitness. It forges friendships that will last forever, and builds a camaraderie that will not be seen anywhere but in a box.
     Think about this... how many other sports have people that stick around to watch the last place team finish up and encourage them the whole time. How many sports do you see top athletes team up with beginners and genuinely care to see them do well. As I glanced around the gym and after each event I saw athletes lying on the ground gasping for breath in a puddle of sweat pushing themselves harder than they thought possible. Why? My best guess is because they didn't want to let their teammates down. They were willing to suffer for their friends and their teams. That is what is most important! Not who came in first place. CrossFit is so much more than that.
     We are honored to witness this everyday at No Mercy CrossFit. Our athletes are a special group that lay it on the line day in and day out. Yesterday was the coming out party of sorts for may of our athletes. Pr's all over the pace for many, improved conditioning for others, and a deeper respect for what you are capable of for everyone. The work you are putting in at the box is shining through. Great day for No Mercy Crossfit! Be proud!

Announcement: Practice CrossFit is looking for volunteers for Back at the Ranch on Aug. 23. If you wish to help out see Franchise for details.

Friday, August 8, 2014

August 9, 2014

Announcement:NO SATURDAY MORNING CLASS at 9AM 8/9/14 due to competition

No Mercy CrossFit Spotlight Member: Taylor Bryant, age 19
What are your hobbies outside the box? Hang out with my family and friends, go to the movies or sit by a bonfire. What is your favorite thing about cross fit: the challenge, doing things I never knew I could, and that I get to workout with my family.  
What do you enjoy about No Mercy? There are no cliques. And everybody is cheering you on and motivating you. Favorite training movement? Power clean Least favorite training movement? Sumo deadlift Favorite Benchmark? Diane Thing your most proud of since starting cross fit? I have a lot more confidence in myself. And I never knew what I was capable of until I did CrossFit.  
How long have you been training? Almost 2 years Goals : for the following: 6 months: run a 5k, get a legless rope climb, and beat holly in a wod  

1 year (both cross fit and life in general)  

Do a competition, get a muscle up, going to Edison for my RN
5 years: become great at CrossFit, working in a hospital, going to school for my bachelors/masters in nursing. 10 years: I want to still be doing CrossFit, hopefully by this point I'm pretty good at all the movements. And I want to be a charge nurse in a Emergency Department. If you could program a wod what would it be? 5 rounds for time 10 snatch 10 pull-ups 10 hang power cleans 10 handstand push-ups 10 burpees box jumps  

If you were stranded on a deserted island what 5 items would you take with you? Cell phone A boat Matches Shoes Knife For love or money? Love, I can make my own money! if you could road trip for a month who would you take and where would you go? I would take Kyrstan because I don't know direction at all. And I would go to the Grand Canyon, Hollywood California, and New York City. Favorite Motivational song to wod to:" remember the name" by Fort Minor

It has been great to see Taylor step outside her comfort zone, and train on Sundays even. I know she has ben dialing in her diet and great things are ahead of you. We are glad to have you at No Mercy!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

August 8, 2014

 Today is the last day that we will have Zach, and Stephanie with us as they are making their way back to school. It has been a real pleasure getting to know the both of you, and I can't express enough how proud we are of how much you have improved. Great attitudes and tremendous work ethic that will suit you well in your future wherever it may take you. Stay in touch and stop in anytime when you both are home. I hope you take back with you extra strength and confidence. Best of luck to you both. They will be going out with a bang as both these athletes will be competing in Centerville this Saturday. This is Stephanie's first Crossfit  Comp. and Zach's second.
There will be no Saturday Morning Community Wod at 9 am due to the numerous NMCF athletes competing or volunteering at the Tri State Throwdown in Centerville. RX events kick off at 8 am. Wear that No Mercy swag and stop in to cheer on your friends and family. Scaled events start at noon I believe.
Exciting things will be happening soon at the box........stay tuned to the blog for announcements!!!!

 In just a few short weeks No Mercy Crossfit's very own Holly "Hollywood" Mikolajewski will be competing against some of the top female competitors in the nation at the Granite Games in St. Cloud Minnesota September 12-14 after completing numerous stages of the online qualifier. She is prepping very hard to represent our box well. Join me in congratulating her on this achievement and wish her well.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Monday August 4,2014

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - 

     Every single one of us has a weakness. It can be physical, or it may be psychological, but a weakness all the same. All the time I think about what I need to do to be a more complete cross fitter. What do I do well? That's easy…. I do well with light to moderately heavy long met cons. I can do pull-ups and most body weight movements for long periods of time. I love box jumps, thrusters and pull-ups. What do I suck at? That is really easy……Sprint workouts, heavy overhead movements, MUSCLE-UPS, and pistols. The best thing I can say about this entire statement is that at least I am aware of my weakness. There lies the problem….I am guilty!!!!! Guess what I revert to most of the time when I train outside the normal conjugate programming. You guessed it!!!! My strengths! How stupid is that? As a box owner and coach I should know that if I want to be the best athlete I can be I need to hit my weaknesses with a vengeance. 
     Over the last week after talking to my wife and Alex about it I have no shot at my goal of qualifying for the masters games unless I work the shit out of what I suck at it. That is the beauty of CrossFit even at almost 40 years of age I can still get stronger, faster, and more agile. I have even did a lil mobility this week for the first time ever, and that is no small thing for me. I hate to mobilize with a passion. Just like life if we put the time in anything is possible and gains when be made when we put in the work. 
     I think it is nice to celebrate our strengths from time to time but we truly learn where we are at when we take a hard look within and focus on what is uncomfortable. Power of positive thinking is super important at that point. You have to believe it to achieve it. I have decided to devote 15 minutes of each day to focus on a weakness. It doesn't have to be physical it may just be mental, or becoming more flexible so that we can be more functional for life.

     Let's get a dialogue going…..What do you suck at? How do you intend to attack that weakness over the  next 30 days? 3-2-1 go!!!!!!!

I have posted this video numerous times because it stands for something…effort! Take a listen and focus on the words. Ray Lewis had a lot of weaknesses but nobody worked harder and that is all you can ask for in life