Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thurs. April 17,2014

Wod 1: Strength 
Box Squat 10x2 @ 80% of 1 rm EMOM

Wod 2: Strength
1 rm deadlift
from 2' off ground
12 min cap.

Wod 3: 12 minutes EMOM
3 power cleans @ 135/95
3 push presses
3 front squat

Snatch Grip deads 3x8
Banded Russian KB Swings 3x20

*****Random Draw Challenge this Saturday hosted by No Mercy/Vigor Training in an effort to strengthen the Crossfit Community. Doors will be open by 8am, and first wod will kick off at 9am. $15.00 entry fee. Cash prizes, food, drinks, community and fun.

*****The only classes scheduled this Friday will be 9am and 4:30. The 9 am will be a dual class you can either do regular programming or you can do a special wod with kids and adults. It's Good Friday lets have some fun. 

******The No Mercy Staff would like to wish each of your families a blessed Easter holiday.

******A few No Mercy athletes: Dave, Julie, Tara, Alina will be traveling this Saturday to Belefontaine to compete at the Festivus Games. Best of luck!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 16,2014

Wod 1: Strength
10x3 EMOM
Full Squat Cleans from above knees (12' off ground)

Wod 2: Met-Con
12 Pistols
24 Walking Lunges
48 double unders 
3 rds.

Wod 3/ Auxilliary
Goat Work: remainder of class time
suggestions: 3x max rep double unders
                    3x max rep hspu's
                    muscle-up progressions

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tuesday April 15,2014

Push Press w/ orange bands 8x3 @ 50% of 1 RM EMOM

Wod 2: Met-Con
Minutes 0-7: Complete "Grace": 30 Ground to Overhead
Minutes 7-14: Complete 50 Burpee over box jumps @ 24/20
Minutes 14-21: Complete 30 ring muscle ups or 30 strict pull ups
Minutes 21-28: Run 800 meters

3xMax rep Butterfly or kipping pull-ups with weight
3x10 one arm dumbbell rows

No Mercy Crossfit would like to welcome new members Misty Gibson, Missy VanHorn, Aaron Trissel, and Matt Bodey! We are excited to guide you on your fitness journey!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Monday April 14, 2014

Wod 1 :Strength
Box Squat 1 RM with RED Bands from bottom of rig
20 minute cap

Wod 2:Met-Con
Deadlifts @ 225/155
wallballs @ 20/14
KB swings @ 70/53
18 minute cap

Auxilliary work
Bulgarian Split Squats 3x10 per leg
GHD Back Extension against heavy band 3x20

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Thursday April 10, 2014

Wod 1:Strength
Front Squat @ 75% 10x2 EMOM

Wod 2:Strength
Squat Cleans against bands 10x1 @ 50%

Wod 3: Met-Con
12 minutes EMOM of :
even minutes: 10 back squat @ 50 %
odd minutes: 10 burpees over bar

Auxilliary work:
Sumo Stiff leg reads 3x8
GH Raises 3x Max reps

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wednesday April 9, 2014

Wod 1: Strength
10 x 2 Hang Power Snatch
Build to a heavy EMOM

Wod 2: Met-Con
Thrusters @ 95/65

Goat Work: Pick a skill you suck at and work it for 15 min.

     The best part of being an affiliate owner or any small community oriented business for that matter is the human element. The relationships you build, friendships you forge can't be duplicated in any other type of business setting. I am honored to call each of our members extended family. No amount of money earned can ever replace the friendships earned in the process.
     When people leave the nest for one reason or another it is sad. When two valued trainers leave to start their own community of friends it is not a great feeling but I am left with a sense of pride that during their time spent at NMCF they built up enough passion and desire to spread the word, the fitness, and the family aspect to the good people of Vandalia. Like two of your own children leaving the nest, I can rest assured that they are capable and prepared.
     To Brody and Angie, I thank you for your countless hours of service to NMCF. You guys were with me since day one and two people I could always count on. I will miss competing alongside of you, training together, and joking around, but I know where you live so we won't be strangers. Business can always be stressful and thankless on occasion so alway remember what made you want to be affiliate owners in the first place. That being to help others, and everything else will work itself out. I wish you both nothing but success and happiness in your new journey. We look forward to supporting you guys just as you did us. The CrossFit Community is gaining another solid piece of the puzzle to build strength, stamina, confidence, and sustained quality of life. Thank you again for all your service to NMCF, and your friendship. Not goodbye, but see you later. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Tuesday April 8, 2014: The making of the PRODIGY

Wod 1:Strength
Floor Press 9x3
As Heavy as Possible

Wod 2: Met-Con
4 rounds
2 rope climbs
100 meter sprint
4 squat cleans @ 225/135
100 meter sprint

Auxilliary work:
dumbbell floor press 3x8
strict pullups weighted 3x6
bent over rows 3x10

     Once upon a time not so long ago there was a man with the initials S.B. Everything inside this man's being was against CrossFit. The wods, the community, the transformations, and the fitness level that can be attained when trained properly inside a cross fit community. "I can't talk to you when your drinking the purple juice!" I heard it time after time and laughed it off. What could make somebody despise a healthy lifestyle so much? Who wouldn't want to be able to get off the damn couch when your 70 efficiently and easily? Who wouldn't want to feel confident in themselves for doing something 90% of the world aren't able to? The only logical explanation is fear! Not that we won't be able or successful, but the fear that we just may be successful, truly healthy with no limitations, and powerful. No more excuses to use as a crutch.
     Fast forward 6 months…now the man with the initials S.B is the poster child for a cross fit success story. The transformation from S.B. to THE PRODIGY has come full circle. Every great cross fitter needs a great nickname right? I think it is fitting. The Prodigy is now in better physical shape than he has been in years. He soaks up info like a sponge and tries his ass off to put it into practice. His mobility has drastically improved, so much lighter on his feet. When he told me he went in on a Sunday with his son just to do Murph for fun was astonishing. The transformation is full blown on now. The best change has come between his ears though. This man has embraced the lifestyle and has the entire family doing it, and has been instrumental in getting his wrestlers that he coaches involved as well. He just may be the most encouraging person in any given class and that is gratifying in itself. Sure the bad knees and limited mobility from years of abuse are still reflected from time to time, the advancement is amazing. We can all learn a lil something from the PRODIGY if we allow others to instruct us and try new things to be a better person, athlete, father, mother, or friend. Maybe the nickname is just funny but maybe just maybe it is a self fulfilling prophecy. In either way I for one am a proud affiliate owner when I see a transformation like this. Job well done sir!