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Tuesday November 18th, 2014

No Mercy CrossFit presents "BATTLE OF THE COUPLES" to be held January 17th, 2015
No Mercy is ringing in the New Year by promoting a healthier lifestyle! Join us Jan 17th for the…Battle of The Couples
What better way to promote health and fitness than to compete w/ your Crossfit significant other – husband/wives; girlfriend/boyfriend; brothers/sisters; sons/mothers; fathers/daughters; or even your CF BFF counts.  All couples must consist of one male and one female and divisions will be RX and Scaled. 
The cost will be $75/couple and the winners will be named THE FITTEST CROSSFIT COUPLE.

**Scaled Max Weights and Possible Movement Requirements**
Pullups (only one person required)
Handstand pushups – abmat + 15lb plate (only one person required)
Abmat situps
Double Unders (only one person required)
Burpees (regular/bar-over/bar-facing)
Box jumps (20/24”)
Wall balls (14/20lb)
Kettlebell swings (35/55lbs)
Tators (35/55lbs)
Knees 2 Elbow
Weighted lunges (45/75lbs)
Shoulder 2 Overheard (65/95lbs) – max possible weight
Front squat (75/105lbs) – max possible weight
Power Cleans (75/105lbs) – max possible weight
Thrusters (55/75lbs) – max possible weight
OHS (65/95lbs) – max possible weight
Hang cleans –power or full (65/95lbs) – max possible weight
Snatch – full or power (65/95lbs) – max possible weight
Hang Snatch – power or full (55/75lbs) – max possible weight
Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (55/75lbs) – max possible weight
Deadlift (125/165lbs) – max possible weight

***RX Max Weights and Possible Movement Requirements**
C2B pullups (only one person required)
Handstand pushups
Abmat situps
Double Unders
Ring dips (only one person required)
Burpees (regular/bar-over/bar-facing)
Toes 2 Bar
Pistols (only one person required)
Box jumps (20/24”)
Wall balls (14/20lb)
Weighted lunges (75/95lbs)
One armed snatches (35/55lbs)
Kettlebell swings (35/55lbs)
Tators (35/55lbs)
Shoulder 2 Overheard (115/155lbs) – max possible weight
Front squat (115/155lbs) – max possible weight
Power Cleans (115/155lbs) – max possible weight
Thrusters (95/135lbs) – max possible weight
OHS (95/135lbs) – max possible weight
Hang cleans –power or full (95/135lbs) – max possible weight
Snatch – full or power (95/135lbs) – max possible weight
Hang Snatch – power or full (75/95lbs) – max possible weight
Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (65/95) – max possible weight
Deadlift (155/225lbs) – max possible weight
Join us for a day full of speed, strength and ….strategy! Mark your calendars now – Keep in mind, if you can’t do the weight or the movement listed and you don’t care about the cash prize, then sign up anyway – although a couple that modifies is out of the running to win - modifications are definitely allowed as needed.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

No Mercy CrossFit Athlete of the Month: November

November 1st brings us another NMCF Athlete of the Month. This month owner/trainer Holly Mikolajewski had the privelage to pick said athlete. Some people speak softly and carry a big stick. Quiet confidence is refreshing and applauded. You don't have to say anything sometimes to be recognized for working hard, and making incredible gains. This is evident in Holly's choice of JASON PRESTON.
    Holly gets the opportunity to work with Jason at 9 am for the most part and she has been raving about how Jason has really taken it upon himself to integrate himself into the classes, and has transformed his body and become a fun guy to have around. His work ethic hasn't gone unnoticed and this is what Holly had to say about her choice………

     "Jason has been with us for some time and has always been a real pleasure to have in class. I have seen a huge change in Jason recently. He used to always gravitate toward modifications and now he pushes himself to do as much as he can as rx! He tries so hard to complete each rep no matter what. Jason has dropped 20+ lbs since February and the physical change is awesome to see. Jason is the soft voice at the 9 am class slot, but lately tends to joke around with the best of them. The increased confidence is great to see, and the biggest perk of the job as a trainer."

     I don't get to train with Jason very often, but I look forward to doing so in the near future. Job well done sir! We are glad to have you as part of the No Mercy family. Congratulations! For your efforts please choose something from or and we will pick up the tab.

Monday, October 13, 2014


On Saturday October 25, 2014 No Mercy CrossFit will not be holding any classes so that we can support a great cause at Practice CrossFit to benefit at risk youth or maybe just some youth that could benefit from being able to CrossFit at an affordable rate. This workout is open to anyone and bring the kids to wod as well. Register below. Come together as a community to benefit the future of our communities

The CrossFit language is spoken through effort and sharpened through intensity. On the workout floor, everyone understands everyone else. There’s no age, no background and no economic standings. There’s CrossFitter.
That’s what Steve’s Club–a non-profit created to bring CrossFit to at risks youths all over the country–is all about.
It’s called Beat the Streets and it’s a workout like any other. A chance to bring together all walks of life to support the one thing we all understand; CrossFit, towards a goal we can all be proud of–helping those in need.
Register here for the workout on October 25, at 9 a.m. Bring the young ones for CrossFit Kids and make a difference in the life of another.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October 1, 2014: NMCF Athlete of the Month

No Mercy CrossFit October Athlete of The Month
Authored by:

  Fall is upon us and it’s time to pick a new No Mercy Crossfit Athlete of The Month. As always we as trainers try to pick someone that encourages their fellow athletes, has a great attitude, works their ass off and always comes back to do extra work, No Mercy Crossfit is pleased to announce that the Athlete of The Month for October is Misty Gibson.
     Misty has been with us for pretty close to almost a year now and has really come into her own as a Crossfitter. It is quite evident that Misty is extremely competitive and always wants to soak up any knowledge she can to better herself as an athlete and a competitor. She is a coach’s dream. I recently had the opportunity to be on a team with Misty at Vigor Crossfit she had been fairly new at the time and I believe this was her 1st test at a Crossfit competition and there we’re some hang cleans that completely destroyed her and discouraged her and I knew how competitive of a person she was that is was going to eat her alive until she got to do it again. See those are the things about competitions that will humble a person, I knew right then and there she was going to be at the gym on Monday practicing over and over and over until she figured it out and she did. Misty is always in the gym all the time trying to improve her skills and puts in the extra work it takes to achieve her goals, along with leading a busy life outside the gym as a mother and a wife. It’s been a pleasure to compete along side you, coach you, be your teammate and I can’t wait to see what you do as an athlete going forward, Good Luck!!!!

     Some people CrossFit to get in shape, others for a stress relief, and some simply CrossFit for the social aspect, and all are amazing in their own way. Then there are a few select people that CrossFit because they are competitive athletes and just being average is not enough. Misty I think falls into this category. Not many people push themselves to improve every single day. I am sure she has many sleepless nights thinking about struggling at a particular lift or wod. With the work ethic Misty has she will be sleeping well all the time because the list of her weaknesses is getting shorter by the day. No Mercy is proud to have you as a member and can't wait to watch you excel. Congratulations Misty! Pick something to wear and we will pick up the tab.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sept. 23, 2014 Bad Habits

     I ran across a really cool article in Box Life Magazine entitled" 21 Habits you need To Break To Be A Better Crossfitter", and I thought I would share some of those habits with our No Mercy athletes. We all are guilty of some of these from time to time, and inevitably they are hindering our performance. These are the main ones I feel are the most important. Do some self reflection as to whether eliminating some of these habits would help you become a better athlete.

1.) Placing too much focus on others: Don't get down on yourself when another athlete does well at something you struggle with. Who cares if you get last as long as you are trying to do better for yourself. Smile and come back and attack that weakness.

2.) Thinking Nutrition doesn't affect your performance: I am so guilty of this! There is a reason why top athletes spend so much energy on their fuel intake….it absolutely matters. If you are working your ass off on strength, mobility, technique, and met-con and you still feel behind perhaps your diet need some fine tuning.

3.)Talking Too Much in Class: A crossfit box is a social place and it should be, but if you are loud, obnoxious and chatting when a trainer is instructing a class it is a distraction to the trainer and the athletes that may need to learn, and lets face it we are there to learn. Don't disrupt the focus of the class.

4.)Piss poor Warm up: Get the blood flowing to your muscles and joints, and prepare yourself physically and mentally to attack a wod with the best effort you can put forth.

5)Not setting goals: Whether it be a movement to hit, a weight to achieve, or a pr time to set it gives your workouts purpose

6)Not listening to the coach: The coach is their to guide you through movement patterns to keep you safe and efficient. Not listening may get you hurt and impede your progress.

7.)Not tracking your numbers: You should record every lift, wod, pr, benchmark. Period! It gives you a platform from which to build on. Keep track of your percentages used

8.) Sacrificing Form For time: Everybody wants to dominate every single sod, but keep in mind that shitty technique with heavy weight= high rick of injury. If you get injured you can't train like you need to.

9.) Not taking Rest days: Your body will let you know when enough is enough! Let your body heal and rest once in a while It is good for the body and the mind

10.) Lack of Skill Work: Your only as strong as your weakest movement!

11.) Not Enough Sleep: Sleep provides for recovery. Make it a point to go to bed at a decent hour, sleep in a completely dark,and cool place. Strong mind and body

12.)Not giving 100% effort: To get better as an athlete demands that you work harder than you ever thought possible. When you think your pushing hard….push harder! Don't just go through the motions.If you made the effort to get to the gym you might as well give 110%. Don't waste your time.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


     This Thursday Holly, Franchise, and Alex Bookout leave for St. Cloud, MN to test ourselves against a bunch of great athletes at the 2014 Granite Games powered by Progenex. The work is done, and now it is time to represent you the amazing athletes at No Mercy. In our absence you will be in great hands with the No Mercy Staff and maybe even a few guest trainers please show them your utmost respect and welcome them. If you would like to keep track of how we are doing check out for scoring details.

     Check out the post Jason made on the No Mercy wod page about the importance of hitting as much of the accessory lifts as possible to really garner full benefits of the Conjugate program.

     A few athletes from No Mercy will be competing at an event this Saturday in Vandalia. The event is called smashfest . We wish you all the luck in the world. You are ready for anything they will throw at you. Make sure to wish those guys good luck when you see them.

     Very soon we will start up another in house competition series geared towards functional movements that can be done by everybody. No pressure just fun and will be a great way to ease into a competition. Stay tuned for details.

     Every once in a while I like to weigh in on something completely not crossfit related. This is a topic that is splattered all over the news and it is disturbing to say the least: Ray Rice.
Let me start by saying that domestic violence has no place in our community, and should never be tolerated. It is never ok for a man to lay hands on a woman or vice versa for that matter. Being a husband, and father of three girls it is horrible to fathom. However, I think it is disgusting that every blowhard in America is casting stones at a man they haven't met. Pictures tell a thousand words as seen in the video of Ray knocking his wife out, but nobody knows the whole story. Not a single one of us have been in his shoes and seen the life he has witnessed his entire life. Maybe right and wrong is blurred in his mind. Regardless, we are all sinners and make mistakes that we undoubtably regret. Think about this for a second.....If you went out for a fun evening of drinks with friends and got a DUI do you think you should lose your job? Should you be vilified for something that might be completely out of character?
     Ray Rice did the unthinkable and should be punished in a court of law. He should pay his debt to society, and more importantly to his wife. Apparently she has forgiven. We are all imperfect. I find it disturbing that the NFL feels like they can take away this man's right to earn a living at what he has trained his body to do his entire football. The NFL has no right to play judge, jury, and executioner when it has an entire cast of characters that are felons, drug addicts, and a few that have gotten away with murder. I get it the NFL has a certain image to uphold, and I agree with a few game suspension, but to completely lose your job is wrong in my mind. I am quite sure I am the minority in this discussion but we are all entitled to our own opinion.
     I think Ray Rice needs help, he is probably a sick person that need counseling, and anger management. Get him help. He sacrifices his body and health every day he steps on that field to line the pockets of the NFL brass, and the Ravens organization. Now they all turn their back on him. It is wrong!!!! I am not that smart of a guy but I do know that we all make mistakes and we can only hope we will be forgiven. Love to hear everyone's thoughts on this.......321 go

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Monday September 1, 2014: Labor day Fun + NMCF Athlete of the Month

No Mercy CrossFit is a not just a place to workout or a place to get in shape... it's a community! It is where friendships are built and relationships are made under grueling WODs.
The community stands by you... through work outs.... and through life's issues.
NMCF  takes part in the good and the bad.  Let's come together and "LABOR" as a family. Bring your family and friends to play @ 10am for the only class of the day due to the holiday. Enjoy your day off work!!!

Labor Day Wod:
Teams of 3
30 minute AMRAP of the following:
3 leap frogs with partner
6 partner wall balls @ 20/14
9 partner deadlifts @ 315/225
12 alternating K2E
2 people will chip away at the inside work while the third athlete completes a 200 meter run. Alternate the runs.

     September 1 brings us a brand new athlete of the month at No Mercy, and I am proud to announce that I have the opportunity to choose said athlete. With that being said I have decided to award Pat Smith with that honor. 
     Pat Smith is a guy with a lot on his plate. He has a demanding job, a family, and children that are involved in numerous sports. On top of all that he manages to coach baseball and get in a workout at No Mercy a minimum of 4 times per week. Pat is a guy that I am so proud of lately for his new found commitment to better himself and to get healthier. Pat wasn't always the poster child for effort but a few months ago something clicked. He has really come on strong under the conjugate program. I wouldn't say Pat was lazy but he knows that for a long time he just "put in his time" and went through the motions. Those days are gone. The New Pat is a worker. He has dropped weight, and gotten a ton stronger on all his major lifts. He even drew up a contract with himself to hold himself accountable to put in the time at the box, eating cleaner, and skipping that nightly drink that he use to crave. That is what every coaches wishes for their athletes. That is progress.
     I always look forward to teaching any class that Pat attends because he has the uncanny ability to put things into perspective with a smile, and keep the class fun and upbeat. Pat knows he may never be top on the leader board, but it damn sure won't be from a lack of effort anymore. Pat knows he is doing this for himself and his family so that he can be the best Pat he can be. For that reason Pat Smith is the NMCF Athlete of the Month. He is a great example of what a little hard work and dedication can do for you.  I am glad that Pat is a part of our community and look forward to seeing him take his new found commitment to the next level. Job well done Pat!!!! For all your efforts please pick something from or rogue and we will pick up the tab.