Monday, January 4, 2016

January Athlete of the month

Mike Swink

As we close out 2015 and begin 2016, there will be no doubt that all of us will better ourselves in the New Year. One person that I know will make great strides in 2016 is Mike Swink. Mike comes into class once, if not twice a day, to better himself. He is always looking to better himself, push his body to its limit, and then some. Having someone like Mike in our gym is a great asset. He brings hard work, determination, fun, and a smile whenever he comes in the doors. If you haven’t had the chance to workout next to Mike, you’re in for a treat. He has improved his Oly lifts, works on his gymnastic movements and was the first one up the peg board. Plus, anyone who LOVES burpees, should be rewarded for it!!! The next time you see Swink, congratulate him on being January 2016 Athlete of the Month. Stay Strong Swink!!!

For all your hard work you will receive a $25.00 credit to Rogue Fitness!!!!! Congratulations

by: Dustin Brown
No Mercy trainer

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December Athlete of the Month

It is hard to believe the Christmas season is upon us. For many athletes it is an unfortunate time of the year where nutrition and training take a back seat to hot chocolate, cookies, and missed wods. That can't be said about our newest No Mercy CrossFit Athlete Of The Month. Being relatively new to our box she has made an immediate impact. Super friendly, supportive, hard working, and a real desire to learn. Very stoked to have this lady training at No Mercy, and look forward to watching her progress as an athlete.

December Athlete of the Month- Cindy Frantz- Nominated by Misty Gibson
"When I was asked to pick the December Athlete of the Month, Cindy Frantz was the first person that came to mind. I remember Cindy’s first day at No Mercy, it was a Saturday community wod. When most people would be timid coming into a new gym, Cindy was quite the opposite. She came in guns blazin’, flipping tires, doing sled pulls and front rack step ups like it was nothing. I knew right then that Cindy was going to be a great athlete and an even greater addition to the No Mercy family. Cindy is the example of what it means to be an athlete. She is one hundred percent committed. There is rarely a day where she doesn’t make it into the gym. As a coach, I love working with Cindy because she is always asking what she can do to get better. That determination to get better is what keeps Cindy surprising herself and her coaches on what she is truly capable of. Just last week, I remember doing a wod with Cindy and she was hesitant to use a 44# kettlebell. She had that 35# kettlebell on stand by just in case. Knowing Cindy, I knew she wouldn’t pick up that 35# kettlebell and she didn’t. I am so proud of how much hard work Cindy has put in. Keep it up because it is truly paying off! We are lucky to have you at No Mercy! Congratulations, Cindy!"

For all your efforts you are the recipient of the new No Mercy Builder shirt! Congrats!


    Sunday, November 1, 2015

    November Athlete Of the Month


         It is time for Chase Underwood to pass the torch onto another deserving athlete.  NMCF Owner and trainer Holly Mikolajewski had the pleasure to choose someone that represents everything that we are looking for in an athlete. Hard working, coachable, and a real pleasure to have at the gym. 
         This month's award winner has been at No Mercy for quite some time. She has left for periods of time but always finds her way back in. This time when she came back we could see a noticeable difference. She is all in. She consistently trains numerous times per week. Her nutrition is significantly better, and her technique is so much better than it use to be. All of these changes are due to her hard work. Robin James is Holly's pick for this award.
         "Robin has made a real effort to bring out the athlete inside of her. She is so much more consistent and has made a concerted effort to push the weights that in the past she was afraid to attempt. She still likes to tell me how she isn't going to attempt this or that, but when it is all said and done she puts her head down and goes to work. It is always fun listening to her scream and grunt. She has a great personality and is a real pleasure to have in class even if we have to explain the wod to her 17 times lol!!!!!"
         The noticeable changes not only in her physique but in her attitude are amazing. No more just going through the motions. Robin is a real athlete and we are lucky to have her at No Mercy. Keep up the hard work Robin!!!! Choose something from Rogue and we will pay for it. Congrats Robin!!!!!!!

    Thursday, October 1, 2015

    October Athlete of the Month

         It's October…..a chill is in the air, football season is in full swing, and training at No Mercy is heating up. Time to choose another hard working person to represent the No Mercy Athlete of the Month Club. With so many people that continue to impress us as coaches it is always a challenge to pick just one. With that being said it is my privilege to choose somebody that always is a pleasure to train with or coach. He is loud, arrogant (in a joking way), strong, and a tremendous athlete. He is a good hearted guy that makes class entertaining and is always one of the top people on the leader board.
         Mr. "Bro Science" Chase Underwood is my choice for athlete of the month. He is always there to encourage everybody and pushes many of us to give just a little more effort  to try to keep up.  He always gives 100% and rarely takes a training day off. He is no stranger to putting in extra work to improve himself. Chase has made huge strides in his gymnastic work, and has a great motor to go with it. Chase trains to be better at life and chooses not to compete so far but there is no doubt in my mind that he would be more than successful. I always look forward to getting to catch a wod with Chase because I know he will make me better and give me somebody to try to catch up with.
         Even though Chase has horrible taste in choosing sports teams to root for his presence at the box is appreciated. He is just one of those guys that people gravitate towards with a huge personality. We are honored that you choose to train at No Mercy and look forward to seeing you progress. Keep up the hard work bro! Please choose something from Rogue and we will pick up he tab. Congrats!!!!

    -Joey Franchise

    Tuesday, September 1, 2015

    No Mercy CrossFit Athlete of the Month Sept. 2015

         September 1st brings us a brand new athlete of the month at No Mercy CrossFit chosen by Dustin Brown, and he couldn't have chosen a more fitting candidate among our long list of deserving athletes.  Some people just get it!!!! They come in every day and put their head down and go to work and simply have fun with the process. This month our winner has a list of things that could keep her out of the box.....bad ankles, inflexible hips and so on and so on but that doesn't limit her work ethic. She gets down on herself at times and just when you think she is ready to quit she gets right back to work and is a real pleasure to have at the gym. The strides she has made of late are really something to marvel at. So much ROM improvement and strength gains. This person is just a  lot of fun and brings a sense of  humor to the 5;30 class. We are so proud to say that this athlete trains at No Mercy.
    "As a trainer I have the pleasure of seeing a lot of athletes make huge strides in their workouts. Some come faster than others and some are larger than others. This makes no difference to me… a PR is a PR, no matter how small or large they are. We tend to be frustrated at not being able to do a movement as well as others or as well as we think we should. Some may think this is “failure”; I tend to think of this as determination. My AOTM does this to herself and I love it!! She has the desire to better herself everyday she comes in the door. Her training partner has left her for school and now she will have to rely on us, as family, to be her training partner. We as a gym are here to push her, and each other, to be there when others can’t. Shelly Romie is my Athlete Of The Month pick!!!  

    I was with Shelly at another box and she had the drive back then and still has it today if not more. She puts in the hard work and expects to be better than what she was when leaves for the day. If you haven’t had the chance to work out with her, expect to see DRIVE-DETERMINATION-HARDWORK-LOVE.

    The next time you are in and see Shelly, congratulate her and see what she is is made of… No Mercy Strength!!"

    Dustin “D-Lo” Brown


    Tuesday, August 4, 2015

    August Athlete of the Month

    NO Mercy Athlete of The Month

         The summer heat is upon us and training in a hot gym is difficult. As coaches and owners this is the time of year where we see who is tough and dedicated. We learn who truly has a desire to better themselves as athletes and who wants to improve their overall well being. It is easy to fold under the summers heat and say the hell with it and go to the pool.
         Owner/ trainer  Holly Mikolajewski has the pleasure of choosing the August Athlete who goes against the norm of getting caught up in vacations and summertime fun and digs their heels in and puts in work. Holly has chosen Kenneth Wigley for the distinction of athlete of the month. Kenneth has come a long way since rejoining the gym. He has made a real effort to get to the gym nearly everyday and focusing on improving his overall fitness. The physical transformation is evident. He has added a tremendous amount of strength and has added quite a bit of gymnastic skills to his resume. Lately Kenneth has told me he is focusing on improving his nutrition and it shows. It is awesome to see Kenneth at the gym so much, and putting in extra work on accessory lifts, rowing, and even making the commitment to coming in on Sunday open gyms when possible.
         I think Kenneth has truly embraced the community of No Mercy and is always willing to help with anything needed at the box. Kenneth has even started entering competitions and has only scratched the surface  to how good he can be. Kenneth is just a real fun guy to have around and we are so proud he chooses to train at No Mercy. We look forward to watching you grow as an athlete. Congratulations Kenneth! You deserve it, and as always choose something from Rogue and we will pick up the tab.


    Friday, July 24, 2015


         Next week marks a milestone in the history of No Mercy CrossFit. Our 3 year anniversary is August 1.  In the grand scheme of life 3 years is a minuscule amount of time, but for a small business to not only survive but thrive is historic. Holly and I so wanted to share our passion for CrossFit with our hometown as a way to give back in some small way for the life changing benefits CrossFit and the community has given us. When we started this dream few people believed it could last in small town Piqua and it has. So to all those naysayers I thank you for pushing us to be better.
          It is remarkable really what has been accomplished in a short period we have grown in membership, lifelong friendships have been formed. We have helped the Piqua community by establishing a scholarship fund in Sam Pearsons name, a former Piqua kid that paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country. I am proud to say we have raised nearly 20k for that cause. I never could of dreamed that in 3 short years we would have already moved into a dream training facility conducive to CrossFit training and so much better suited than our first location. We are super proud of the gains in strength, stamina, and confidence of our members. We have seen numerous members obtain L1 certification. We have tons of people competing regularly and have fared well in some outstanding completions.  most of all I am proud of the community that has been created.
         It hasn't been easy. Anything worth having requires sacrifice, effort, and attention to detail, Holly and I would be remiss if we didn't thank our family for allowing us the time to build something fantastic. Hours and hours of blood sweat and tears along with time spent away from the kids have went into this, and hopefully you have learned valuable lessons about hard work that will last a lifetime. Trainers come and Go. Sometimes it is for the good and sometimes for the bad. The staff we have now and the staff we will continue to grow are special people. They give of their time for the satisfaction of seeing our athletes grow and excel. No egos, just selfless people that do this for the love of the game. My sincere thanks goes out to each of you. Your loyalty, compassion, and knowledge is seldom seen within the walls of a
    CrossFit gym. Thank you to our members that continue to believe in our training philosophies and allow us to guide you in your fitness lifestyle. We value each and everyone of you. Finally a huge shout of to my wife who has never stopped believing in me and our dreams. Your tireless efforts provide an example to all our members especially our women. You prove that being strong is beautiful. Your never ending desire to maintain a reputable, clean, organized box doesn't go unnoticed. Your vision is why we have been successful.
         With all that being said tonight we celebrate! Past, present, and future No Mercy members are invited to a cookout at 6:30 at the new gym to celebrate the 3 years of awesomeness. We will provide the meat! bring a side to share and beverages of choice. We will eat, play cornhole, jam out to some sweet music (not yours McCormick) and celebrate our community. Thank you to everyone for 3 amazing years. See you tonight